What is counselling?
Counselling offers the time and space with a counsellor for you to explore and move towards understanding what is troubling you. You may then choose, with the support of the counsellor, to find ways of making some changes in your life.

What type of counselling do you provide?
Your counsellor will listen to you, try to understand and help you to make connections. He or she will use ways of working that will help you to make sense of what is happening in your life. All the counsellors are different and your relationship with your counsellor will be unique. Its sole purpose is to help you.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place weekly
Daytime and evening appointments are available

How many sessions?
You will be offered up to 6 sessions. If you and your counsellor think it will be useful, you may be offered further sessions

How much will it cost?
Life Changes Counselling is a charity.
In order to keep Life Changes running we ask all clients to make a donation for each counselling session.
We ask clients who are working full-time to make a donation of £25-30 per session.
Those working part-time will be asked to donate £15-25 per session.
Clients who are not working, or are in receipt of benefits, are asked to make a donation of £10 per session.
The Counselling Coordinator will discuss and agree this with you on your first contact.  

Is it confidential?
Any information about your self, including the fact that you are in counselling, will be confidential to LIFE CHANGES.

The only exception to this confidentiality will be if your Counsellor is concerned that you may harm yourself or other people. He/she will then tell you of the concern, and break confidentiality to a third party in order to gain support and help for you. This is in accordance with the Ethical Framework for Good Practice of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

All counsellors are required to have regular casework supervision with LIFE CHANGES Supervisors The Supervisor's role is to support and monitor the counsellor's work and is confidential to the service.

Where does counselling take place?
Appointments take place at,
Third Age Centre, 11, Cranbury Terrace, Southampton. SO14 0LH
Pickles Coppice Children's Centre, 65, Windemere Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton SO16 9QX

Will I have to join a group?
No, counselling with LIFE CHANGES is 1:1 - you and your counsellor will work together, not in a group

Can I request a male/female counsellor?
Yes. LIFE CHANGES has male and female counsellors. If you have a definite preference it will be possible, though it may mean waiting a little longer to get to see a counsellor

Can I refer someone else?
Of course, you can recommend someone else to LIFE CHANGES. But it is best that he or she makes contact him or herself. You can help by encouraging and giving the phone number to ring. (07 444 00 1845) or giving him/her details of this website

Can I bring a friend?
Your counsellor is there for you. If your friend wants to come with you and sit and wait in Reception, that is fine. Or if he/she would like to have counselling he/she can ask for that. He or she would then work with a different counsellor

Do you counsel young people?
LIFE CHANGES is for those aged 18+

Do you counsel couples?
No, couples counselling is provided by Relate, or at some GP surgeries

What if I need a translator/signer?
Please tell us if you have any special translation/signing requirements when registering for counselling. Translation or signing can usually be arranged, given sufficient notice. However, there is usually a cost for the translation service which must be borne by the client. Your GP may have access to funding for this, please check with your surgery.

I'm disabled - can I still have counselling?
Both community buildings we use are accessible to people with disabilities. When you talk to the Counselling Coordinator, please do mention that you have a disability, and we will make sure that your needs are considered

What if I've got a complaint?
If you have concerns about your counsellor or the work that you are doing, please try and address his with your counsellor. If together you cannot resolve the difficulties, we have a Complaints Procedure in place.
Please contact the Counselling Services Coordinator on 07 444 00 1845

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