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Sometimes when life is hard, we can feel lonely, vulnerable and isolated. It can be hard to talk about what's troubling us, our thoughts and feelings. It may be even harder to know someone we can turn to who will listen to us without judging us.

'Life Changes', is a community counselling service situated in central Southampton, which is independent, confidential and open to all individuals over 18.
The counselling provided by 'Life Changes' offers the opportunity to reflect on life and understand the issues
troubling you. You will not be judged or told what to do. Instead you will be offered the time and space to explore
personal change in a private, respectful environment.

If you would like to make a request for sessions with one of our counsellors, please complete our Self-Referral
Form below.


Please complete this form and press the "send" button. Within a few days of receiving your self-referral,
our Counselling Service Director will contact you to talk through how we can best help you.
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